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My favourite...eyeliner!

We all have that product when we find it we can never be without it...well I have found my eyeliner!
If this was discontinued I think I would cry...then go out and buy a lifetime supply!
The great thing about this product is the price it's only £6.29 plus boots and superdrug always have special offers on!!
I have this is brown and black and love them both it's so creamy, rich in pigment and lasted hours and hours!
I wear this all day long (around 10 hours) and it fades
Slightly but it is still looking presentable!
I can't say enough good things about this eyeliner I have nothing bad to say about it!
I Haven't heard much about this in the 'beauty' world!

Have you tried this eyeliner?

Here are some swatches of the brown one...

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