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haul...the body shop!

I hardly ever buy from the Body Shop but a few months ago i was after some hand cream for my grandmas birthday and having heard one of my friends talking about Body Shop hand creams wen to have a look...my obsession began...I brought the hemp hand cream and my grandma loved it. the obsession grew...I purchased some of the vitamin C range and also picked up a body Shop card this is when the obsession spun out of control...(too dramatic??)

here is how my package arrived

here is what is inside...the good stuff!

All of this is worth £50 but i paid half of that!! I can't believe the amount of promos and offers they have! the prices are above average but with all the offers some of the prices are ridiculous!!
The promo code i used has run out now but here is a link to some other offers..bodyshop offers

Things I brought...(clockwise from left)
Cucumber water
Camomille eye makeup remover
Seaweed mattifying day cream
Seaweed facial wash
Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
Lip balm
Vitamin e face wash 
Vitamin E moisture cream
Almond cuticle oil
Honey and Oat face mask

So thats my bargin haul...i will be reviewing most of the products when i get chance to use them! If anyone wants me to review anything first let me know!

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Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

So I have been blogging from my phone using the blogger app for the last few weeks as i haven't had access to a proper computer and today was surprised to see I had been nominated for an award! This her lovely blog http://xoforeverinpink.blogspot.co.uk/. So thank you so much! Go check it out as it has a great mix of fashion, nails and beauty!! 

The rules:

  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
  2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

Here are my 7 random facts:

  • I never go to the same hairdressers. I have never found that one hairdresser i can be faithful to!
  • I didn't revise at all for any of my school exams!
  • I love trashy TV, such as jersey shore & big brother!
  • If i ever see a celebrity I act like i don't know who they are and then when they have left i run around like OMG that was so and so!
  • don't really like chocolate!
  • love to go to bed early, especially if my boyfriend is working away because i can get away with it.
  • my Favourite number is 27!

These are the 15 bloggers I'm nominating for this award:
















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Viva glam gaga dupe?...

I love this lipstick! It's my perfect pink...and i have been on the hunt for a dupe ever since it touched my lips!
And I think iv found 1...
The swatches...Middle is viva glam gaga, the left is Rimmel pink blush and the right is Loreal lovely rose!
As you can see the Loreal caress is such a close dupe plus it's half the price at £7.99!

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Laura mecier mineral powder fotd!

I Recently purchased the Laura mecier powder foundation as I'd heard lovely thins about it here it is in action...

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Maybelline 10hr tint gloss

Just purchased the 'dupe' of the ysl lip stain/gloss in forever coral.
I had time to kill while waiting for my train so popped into boots. These caught my Eye and I Have been lustig after the ysl version since their realise I thought this would be a good starting point and at £6.99 almost £20.00 difference...!
There were about 8 shades and they were all pretty dark, deep and pinky red coloured.
I went for the coral but it's mostly red with a hint of coral.
I applied 3 coats and you can see after 1 coat then two and three.
Iv not tried the 10 hr wear to see if it's true but if you layer this up it seems to last quite well through eating and drinking.
Btw the smell of this is INCREDIBLE!!!

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Revlon lip butter strawberry shortcake...Review

I don't know how long i have waited for these beauties! Do you remember the hype surrounding them? those of us in the UK had to wait and wait...and wait (seemed like forever) I even set a reminded on my phone calender to when they were released. (loser much?)

So they were finally available in boots and i walked in ready to swatch away and buy buy buy!! But there were only 3 colours left to buy..and those were nude sparkly colours i would never wear. (yes i did pick them up thinking i might as well buy them if there the only ones left but thought better...i do have some restraint!!)
So i waited a bit longer for new stock and it never came... every time i walked in there would be none left. eventually i tracked some down and now have 3 colours. 2 pinky ones and a pinky red raspberry colour.
the one i have been wearing evrey day is this one.

strawberry shortcake

swatched once on arm.

POUT!! haha!

So my thoughts...They're nice lipstick but that's what they are just glossy lipsticks. They feel lovely and moisturizing on your lips. And i never wear a lipstick and a gloss so this is a good compromise.
I do like them but i feel as though the build up was so big that it was bound to be a disappointment.

I am trying to make my mind up whether i prefer these or the L'Oreal caress. my mind is still to be made up...watch this space!

Definitively go out and try some of these but don't expect more than you're going to get.

what colours have you tried?

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recent buy...mac MSF soft and gentle

I have been to MAC several times with this in mind to purchase. i swatch it wait for a sales assistant then see something else and change my mind. i must of done this about 3 times. but after watching Louise @ Sprinkle Of Glitter looking so glowing and gorgeous i finally caved and determined to buy it went into MAC today and came out holding this bag of goodness!!

"Tada....!! *ohh ahhh* etc!"
I couldn't believe i had actually walked out of mac with this after so long reading about it, swatching it and dreaming of it...!
I swatched it on the train home and it looked so lovely in natural sunlight. it was a golden, peachy  colour. In the pan it does look kind of bronzy which is one of the reasons i didn't buy it for so long.

This is a heavy swatch in natural light.
This is the previous swatch blended out with flash.

It leaves a lovey glowy look to the skin. I applied it with a large fluffy brush as soon as i could and obviously this is not the ideal way to apply this. 
This is not the best photo of how this looks but I have fun out of natural light now. I will do an updated review when I have played with this a bit more!

I usually use a sigma tapered blending brush to apply powder highlight so may try this.
Does anyone have any tips on what kind of brush to use? 
What do you think of this product??

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