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L'Oreal caress lipstick review

I have seen these lipsticks here and there but no hype or madness surrounding them! They deserve madness they are B-E-Autiful! 

(from left to right)
cheeky magenta, dating coral, tempting lilac,  Aphrodite scarlet,  fashionista pink. 

fashionista pink is the least pigmented, Its a very pale pink it does show up more on the lips and is nice over a deeper matte lipstick to tone it down.


They leave a glossy sheen to the lips that are smooth and feel moisturized. 
Some of these are very pigmented and others are slightly lighter coverage so there will be a colour for everyone. 
These will be great for spring/summer as they are so easy to wear and easy to apply if your not near a mirror. 
I have been looking forward to the Revlon lip butters being released in the UK and they have a lot to live up to now I've tried out these!

have you tried these yet?

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Jade said...

ooh im so tempted to try one now! you didnt say how much they cost? xx

sleepeatbeauty said...

They were £7.99 but they were on 3 for 2!!
I cannot wait to compare to the Revlon lip butters :) x

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