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Vichy Dermablend corrective foundation review

so i wanted to do a review on this foundation. It wont be for everybody and I don't think I could wear this everyday all over my face but for when you're having a bad skin day (or year in my case!) this is a life line. 
I have worn this all over my face and it gives a very flawless look but i prefer using this more like a concealer on the bad parts of my skin. It is thick and quite runny so spreads great over unsmooth surfaces gigantic huge ugly red throbbing spots!!
I used a scar on my hand to demonstrate how well this covers up...

As you can see it doesn't match the colour of my hand as my hands are the colour of milk...my face has a tad more colour!


Magic...all gone!!
Just a thin layer of this covers up anything!

As well as covering any blemishes or scars this lasts all day long!! It doesn't change colour throughout the day and you can't tell you have any more makeup on than normal if you use this like a concealer!
So with the good there must be some bad right??
Yes this comes in such a poor shade choice! this is the lightest shade and just about matches my skin i got this from boots and there were four shades. It was 3 for 2 so I took a risk and am so glad i did now but if you're paler than me or have deeper skin than around and olive tone you probably won't find a good match. 
If you have acne or any scars you would like to cover give this a go! 

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