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How to...Long lasting red lips

So I love a bright red lip but having to re-apply it while you're out is a pain. You're in a club have to squeeze past leering men to get to the loos, there are half naked sweaty girls spraying perfume and stumbling into you while your at the mirror one slip of that red lipstick and the whole night will be ruined! RUINED! too dramatic?

Well here is how I apply my red lippie to make it last...I'd say this lasted around 6-8 hours and didn't smudge no matter how much Gin you may drink...
so what you will need...
a Red lip liner
a red lip stick
a lip brush
a little bit of patience

So its best to do this with a mirror near by because Well I don't know how you would know your exact lip line...I digress! 
OK so take your lip liner and line around your lips make sure its not applied too heavily then fill in your whole lip with the liner. Just a thin layer will do. 
Take your lip brush and brush it into your lips, you could use your finger here if you like but a brush is just slightly more accurate. you want to brush it into your lips and warm it up so its nice and embedded onto your lips. 
You could make this look subtle and just leave it like this with a slick of gloss or balm but if you want full on glamour (who doesn't?!) you should now take the red lipstick and put a small amount on the brush then work this onto your lips you can do this step as many times as you want. I normally do it twice for a bold bright lip. 
It should now look like this...

I used no7 lip liner in fire and Illamasqua Drench lipstick I used the no7 lip brush to blend them. 
The key to this is take your time, get the right shape with the liner and blend blend blend!!  

I love rocking a red lip how about you?

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