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how to...dye your hair red

So my hair is ever changing...You could see me Monday and by Wednesday it is a completely different colour! But I think I have found 'my' colour! the one I will always go back to...its RED! 

Nice picture right...haha its the best one i had of my hair colour!

It has taken a while to figure out what is best to use to maintain the red and also what least damages my hair!
About a year ago I found that perfect dye! but before that I would have to bleach the life out of my hair then put a red dye over it and it would fade within a few washes! my hair was in such bad condition, I am always putting my hair through stress I straigten, blow dry, don't use intenseive conditioner or anything I should be doing and it was beginning to show. 

I needed an alternative to bleach...but what?!?!
I searched Google,  searched Youtube, I searched everywhere but just couldn't find what I was looking for. So I braved it to sally's hair and beauty. Where a really lovely sales assistant (the only time I have ever met a nice SA at Sallys!) And she asked what I was after and gave me lots of info on the different dyes. She recommended one by L'Oreal called majicontrast. They came in a few different shades of red a more orange red, a pinky red, a copper red. I went for Red as it was the most intense pure red colour. It worked as a bleach and a red hair dye all in one. She said it would lighten my hair and make it a vibrant lasting red. I didn't hold much hope for it but gave it a go. 

You mixed it with creme peroxide and then put it on your hair like any other dye.  And left it on for around 35 minutes.
I was expecting a dark red, an orangey red, nothing like what i got. It was amazing!!! A bright red, no dark roots it was all one colour. and it didn't feel dry or brittle. It felt good. 
The colour does fade but that is because I had already bleached my hair and it only faded on the bleached parts of my hair. so if you have fresh unbleached hair this would work even better.
I have used this around 4 times now and it has never failed me. It obviously contains bleach so isn't completely good for your hair but compared to what I was using before it is. 
The cheapest I have found it is £6.19 from Ellison's. I am not sure if this is a brand with more than one shop but i got mine from Birmingham, Digbeth. You can get it from sally's but it is around £10.00! You also need a creme peroxide, a mixing bowl and gloves. If you prefer to use a tint brush you can but I find it easier to just uses my hands to apply it. 
When doing my roots I start at the front and gradually do my whole head. when that done I run  it down the ends of  my hair and leave it for 20-35 minutes. It comes out a beautiful shade like the above picture!
This works on almost black hair so is pretty amazing stuff!
 I am so happy I found it and wanted to spread the word!! 

Slightly odd expression on my face but captures the hair colour well!

And this is it when it has faded. Just a slightly more orange tone to it but still vibrant and healthy looking!!

I am in love with this dye and will do a post on what hair care I use soon!! 

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