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recent buy...mac MSF soft and gentle

I have been to MAC several times with this in mind to purchase. i swatch it wait for a sales assistant then see something else and change my mind. i must of done this about 3 times. but after watching Louise @ Sprinkle Of Glitter looking so glowing and gorgeous i finally caved and determined to buy it went into MAC today and came out holding this bag of goodness!!

"Tada....!! *ohh ahhh* etc!"
I couldn't believe i had actually walked out of mac with this after so long reading about it, swatching it and dreaming of it...!
I swatched it on the train home and it looked so lovely in natural sunlight. it was a golden, peachy  colour. In the pan it does look kind of bronzy which is one of the reasons i didn't buy it for so long.

This is a heavy swatch in natural light.
This is the previous swatch blended out with flash.

It leaves a lovey glowy look to the skin. I applied it with a large fluffy brush as soon as i could and obviously this is not the ideal way to apply this. 
This is not the best photo of how this looks but I have fun out of natural light now. I will do an updated review when I have played with this a bit more!

I usually use a sigma tapered blending brush to apply powder highlight so may try this.
Does anyone have any tips on what kind of brush to use? 
What do you think of this product??

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