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Maybelline colour tattoo UK

So today my train was cancelled I had 1 hour to kill. I was in central Birmingham which means killing time with shopping...oops! I went to boots looking for lip butters with no luck and then walked past a Superdrug and was drawn inside. 
There in front of me was the most exciting display. I wasn't sure if my eyes were deceiving me or my brain was playing an evil evil trick. My heart skipped a beat and I almost screamed with joy stopped myself mid way and made a pathetic squeak...much to the amusement of the people around me i'm sure! 
This is a product all of us have been hearing about from the other side of the world!! Now they're finally here, not as many shades as the US but still we get some!
The display i saw had around 6-7 shades.the ones i got a dark grey/black a blue and a purple. It was also 3 for 2 and they were only £4.99 so I got three for £10.00 (give or take 2p obviously haha)
The testers had not even been swatched and there were three lots of tester displays out it was a beautiful sight let me tell you!

So i picked up these beautiful shades...

They are all smooth and creamy and very pigmented. some are matte and others shimmery. I hope they release more colours!

I haven't used them much yet but so far it is love. These certainly won't break the bank lets just hope these don't break my heart! 

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Kim said...

Love these, the bronze shade is my fave


Taylor said...

I see that you're new to this blogging thing and so am I so i decided to checkout your blog! I really like it! And I am SUPER jealous of these colors! I haven't seen them in the US yet :(
XX Taylor

Amanda said...

I have four different shades of these and I LOVE them!! I rarely use an eye primer anymore, I just use one of these. My favorite shade is Tough as Taupe, closely followed by Bad to the Bronze.

Nice blog! I've really been enjoying reading your posts (:

<3 Amanda,

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