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Revlon lip butter strawberry shortcake...Review

I don't know how long i have waited for these beauties! Do you remember the hype surrounding them? those of us in the UK had to wait and wait...and wait (seemed like forever) I even set a reminded on my phone calender to when they were released. (loser much?)

So they were finally available in boots and i walked in ready to swatch away and buy buy buy!! But there were only 3 colours left to buy..and those were nude sparkly colours i would never wear. (yes i did pick them up thinking i might as well buy them if there the only ones left but thought better...i do have some restraint!!)
So i waited a bit longer for new stock and it never came... every time i walked in there would be none left. eventually i tracked some down and now have 3 colours. 2 pinky ones and a pinky red raspberry colour.
the one i have been wearing evrey day is this one.

strawberry shortcake

swatched once on arm.

POUT!! haha!

So my thoughts...They're nice lipstick but that's what they are just glossy lipsticks. They feel lovely and moisturizing on your lips. And i never wear a lipstick and a gloss so this is a good compromise.
I do like them but i feel as though the build up was so big that it was bound to be a disappointment.

I am trying to make my mind up whether i prefer these or the L'Oreal caress. my mind is still to be made up...watch this space!

Definitively go out and try some of these but don't expect more than you're going to get.

what colours have you tried?

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nivi321 said...

i really like this colour on you. I was so excited for them too! but now i think i like the l'oreal better, they are just a bit more glossy and moisturising.

rach. said...

i love it! you are so fun! keep the vids comin' girl. dey awesome. ;)

love, rach.

JoJo said...

OH that looks so pretty, I've yet to try the lip butters!


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