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Mua 'out there' plumping lipgloss

I have ears about these before and I am nt the biggest lipgloss fan I find they just make lips looks sticky and shiny and I prefer them to look matte or slightly sheeny...long story short!
Anyway I was browsing superdrug and the colour of these looked so lovely and swatches they were so pigmented it was hard to choose 1 so unpicked up 2 but restraint kicked in and I managed to buy just one! I went for a bright pink, not as bright as some of the pinks they had.
Anyway it's plumping so it's a little tingly but I quite like that effect. It doesn't feel sticky and is thick. It's pretty close to a lipstick so itching that's why I get on so well with it.
I did har to put a couple of thin coats of this to get a bright colour but it's one of the best, most pigmented glosses I have tried. Plus it's only £2!

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