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Hand cream...lavera

I hate applying sticky, wet lotions that don't soak into the skin. Especially while I'm out or a work as I don't have the time to wait for it to sink in.
I received this is glossy box or Jolie box (I have received so much bloody hand cream I don't know what came where!) and I chucked in the back of a drawer thinking I would never use it.
One day I had a huge sort out and with all the YouTube videos recently 'products I used up' it inspired to me to finish some things and really giving them a go.
I used to hate using things up but now I love it, I haven't got many empties yet but I'm getting there!
Anyway after that long winded explanation...
I expected nothing from this cream, I chucked it on my desk and picked it up every now and then squirted a bit of it and rubbed it in...then carried on typing...took me a while to realise I wasn't sat around waiting for this to soak in...it made my hands feel lovely And soft and not one bit greasy!
I apply it all the time and have loads left still!
It doesn't have a strong smell and is vegan!
This is a great hand cream!
I'm not sure on price but I'm definitely going to be using more of the samples I have as they are great to stick in your bag and you never know you may find a diamond in the rough...

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Austen said...

Hmmm, now I want to try that moisturiser!!!

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