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Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain...

Remember that lip butter craze we had...people running around boots shoving as many as they could grab into their baskets...sold out all over the country?? Well I expected the same fury over these kissable lip stain balm hybrids! Fear not my superdrug had a fair few around! And they dont seen to have has had much hype and weir seems we havnt had to wait an etirnity for them to arrive!
I practically squealed when I saw them they are just so beautiful...i got 3 but was tempted by them all here Is the first 1...cherish!
So far I love them but I haven't had them long...2 hours maybe!
The texture is quite firm you have to build up a few layers they feel a little sticky at first but dry to an almost none existent layer!
I tested it out and ate a sandwich...it's still there :D !
Here are some pretty pictures...

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Andy After Flats said...

Love that pink shade! Perfect!

After Flats

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