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Chanel...a disappointment? It cannot be!!

So I have lusted after this since I first laid eyes on this beauty...it's an unusual colour,people rave about them... Plus it's Chanel!!
It's emerveille illusion d'ombre and it cost me 22.50!
I had such a shitty day so this was the only thing that would make me happy so off I trotted with my plastic brought this and made it home in one piece without killing anyone! Broke open the seal and slicked it on...it wobbled around in it's pot, smushed about...it wouldn't attach itself to my finger to apply it to my eye lid!!
Hmmm...tried a brush...a little better but I practically had to scoop a bit out and drag it onto my eye lid then warm it into my lid with my finger!
Ok so once it's on it lovely, a hint of pink and a slight shimmer...beautiful...For about 20 mins then it has creased and is gone within the hour!
It's so beautiful and I want to love it but I can't !
Does anyone know how to make this work? Iv tried urban decay primer potion it still creases! Ideas??
Here are some lovely pictures anyway..

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